Jennifer O’Connell

Death & Dying Educator and Consultant

Jennifer O’Connell is founder of Crossing Threshold. She has an earthly assignment as a Death Midwife that was unveiled in the Autumn of 2017 after the crossing of her co-madre. "She gave me an incredible gift before she transitioned off earth. She showed me how death gives life. Life doesn’t give life. Death gives life. I began to see and imagine the end of my life, increasing my love for being alive. She gave me the gift of seeing how dying is divine and mysterious. How it is all around us… I was not paying attention."

Jennifer is called to the bedside of the dying and their families. She is a an ordained interfaith minister, member of the National Home Funeral Alliance and student of the sacred arts of death and dying. She serves as a hospice volunteer and has successfully completed two Death Midwifery Certification Programs - one with Earth Traditions and one with Sacred Crossings, known as The Art of Death Midwifery, a comprehensive training for professional end-of-life caregivers which included spiritual practice, preparation for a conscious peaceful transition, after-death care and home funerals.

Jennifer can assist you with practical matters such as preparing advance care documents and helping a family with creating a legacy project, to working with the soul, calling on ancestors to assist with transitions and guiding in rites of passage ceremonies and crossing over prayers. This is her service to humanity. 

How we die, and how we care for dying people and how we carry the dead: Taken all together, this work makes our village life or breaks it.
— S. Jenkinson, Die Wise