Death Midwives are the water that flows through the rocks between the medical community and the funeral industry.



A Death Midwife is a non-medical holistic companion who guides and supports a dying person. We work as non-denominational practitioners honoring the dying person's beliefs about life, death and the afterlife. We help to create a sacred and healing space, to serve, to listen, to keep a loving vigil and support families and their loved ones. 

Love and death are the great gifts that are given to us; mostly they are passed on unopened.
— Rilke


  • In-home or in-hospital consultations

  • End-of-life guidance and support

  • Create sacred spaces and altars

  • Daily visits to the home for comfort and support during the vigil

  • Education, guidance and support for after-death care of the body

  • Home Funeral Planning

  • Accompanying the family to funeral home and /or crematory

  • Assisting with Advanced Care Directives/Living Wills, Power of Attorney and other important documents. See End of Life Planning

  • Ceremonies / rituals - experiential tools for expressing your love and grief

  • Funeral celebrant services – providing ritual and prayer selections

    Death Midwives are educators and consultants.