Here's a list of some of our favorite books, authors, articles and videos on death & dying that we would like to share for the love of learning. 



  • Living into Dying - A Journal of Spiritual and Practical Deathcare for Family and Community by Nancy Jewel Poer

  • Holding Space - on Loving, Dying and Letting Go by Amy Wright Glenn

  • Wonders at the Veil - Creating a Living Relationship with Your Loved Ones Who Have Died by Lynn Rollins Stull

  • The Green Burial Guidebook - Everything You Need to Plan an Affordable, Environmentally Friendly Burial by Elizabeth Fournier

  • Words at the Threshold - What We Say As We’re Nearing Death by Lisa Smartt

  • Reimagining Death - Stories and Practical Wisdom by Lucinda Herring

  • Home Funeral Ceremonies - A Primer to Honor the Dying and Dead with Reverence, Light-Heartedness and Grace by Donna Belk and Kateyanne Unullisi